How to reset your PiRAT back to the factory image

How to reset your PiRAT

You have one of our PiRAT's and you haven't used it in a while and don't know the password? Use the built-in reset process to reset your device back to the factory image that shipped with your device with the below process:
  1. First hold the Red reset button. (the total duration is about 1min 30 sec)
  2. Plug in the power source while holding the Reset button.
  3. Keep holding Reset button until white light stops blinking.
  4. When the White light stops blinking Recovery Mode is started and you can release the Reset button.  It should immediately start pulsing Yellow requesting you to touch the YubiKey, if it does not and instead has a solid LED color this is what they mean:
    1. White Solid LED means the YubiKey is not detected or the wrong firmware version 5.2.4 or newer, insert a new YubiKey to continue.
    2. Yellow Solid LED means the USB drive is not detected unplug and replug or replace with another USB flash drive to continue.
    3. Red, Cyan, Green Pulse means the USB drive was not detected, start over, if this keeps happening replace the USB flashdrive.
  5. The PiRAT will blink Yellow 2 more times signaling the user to touch the YubiKey.
  6. White, Green, Cyan, Yellow Pulsing LEDs means the PiRAT is working and copying the image over to the encrypted partition on the USB Drive. (Wait while the configuration script rebuilds and re-flashes the pi, this step takes about 9 minutes)
  7. After the image is copied the PiRAT's LED will turn Dark Blue and double blink White 7 times while it reboots into the Recovery Mode Shell.
  8. Rainbow LEDs mean that the reset is complete and the PiRAT is booted into the recovery shell.
  9. Reboot the PiRAT by pulling the power source and reinserting it. (Note At this stage you may see your device on the network but it's still booted into the Recovery Mode, so you'll need to reboot your device to login to the encrypted filesystem.)
  10. Device should reboot like normal Blinking White than Blue then blinking White again asking the user to touch the YubiKey that was used during the reset process. 
Please note the following:
1. USB drives and YubiKey's are linked to the Pi during the reset process.
2. If you have a cellular device, the APN was reset to the factory state so you must change the APN to reactivate your static address, refer to your quick start guide. 

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